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Unlike other firms, MedConnectVA publishes our list of Recently Delivered Nexus Opinions (below). We do this to provide a resource that you can check to see if we've connected a case like one you might be working on. We also want you to understand the scope and depth of our experience with Veteran claims. 

So don’t be fooled when other firms claim that they’ve delivered thousands of Veteran opinions. Dig deeper. Ask for a list of recently delivered opinions and request sample reports to evaluate their work.  We're proud to send you ours.

The list below is a sample of unique cases we’ve connected, and we update it quarterly. We hope you find it helpful, and you can always find the most current version here on our website. If you don't see what you're looking for on the list, it doesn't mean we haven't connected it. You can ask us about your case at the bottom of this page.

So, scroll down for hundreds of reasons why we’re the leader for Nexus Opinions on behalf of Veteran Disability Claims.

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AFIB Second to PTSD

AFIB, Cong. Heart Failure Second to Service

Artherosclerotic Heart Disease,

Bilateral Edema & Ulcers Second to SC Hypertension

CAD & HTN Caused or Aggravated by PTSD

CAD & HTN Second to CLJ 

CAD and DMII Second to Herbicides (AO) Thailand

CAD Caused by Undiagnosed HTN In Svc

CAD Caused or Aggravated by PTSD

CAD Second to Benzene/Solvents, Aircraft Mechanic

CAD Second to Depression

CAD Second to PTSD

CAD, CHF & HTN Second to Anxiety, Asbestosis

CAD, DMII, PN Caused by Jet Fuel Exp

Cardiomyopathy/Heart Cond Second to AO/HBP

Cause of Death - IHD

CHF & AFIB Second to Respiratory Distress Syndrome

CHF Aggravated by PTSD

CHF Aggravated by Radiation Treatment

CHF Second to Dysmetabolic Syndrome

Chronic HTN and CAD w/Peripheral Disease

Caused or Aggravated In Service


COD Cardiac Tamponade, Rupture of Aortic


COD Cardiac Tamponade, Rupture of Aortic

Dissection, Hypertensive Cardiac Disease

COD due to Polymyositis-Arrhythmia, Diabetes-Cardiovascular Disease

COD Hypertensive Cardiac Disease

COD Myocardial Infarction Secondary to PTSD (weight gain)

COD,  Seizure Disorder Second to AO

COD, CAD & CHF Second to Rheumatic Heart Disease

COD, CAD & Second to SC Rheumatic Heart Disease

COD, CAD Second to PTSD

COD, CHF & Second to Respiratory Distress Syndrome

COD, HTN Second to AO, Causing Renal Disease

COD, Hypertensive Cardiovascular Second to AO

COD, Polymyositis-Arrhythmia

COD, Seizure Disorder, Post Cerebral 

COD-HTN Second to Herbicides

Contributing Factor to COD

Heart Condition Developing in Svc

Heart Disease Second to HTN Infarction

Heart Failure due to Lack of Exercise

HTN Began in Service

HTN Second  to Service, Afib Second to HTN, CVA Second to Afib

HTN Second Depressive Disorder

HTN Second to Herbicides

HTN Second to PTSD; Stroke Second to HTN

HTN Second to Toxic Solvent Inhalation

Hypertension, AFIB, tachy-brady Second to DMII

Ischemic Disease Second to CAD and DM2

Kidney Disorder Second to HTN

Liver Disease, CAD & PVD Second to Asbestos

LVEF Second to CAD and HTN , HTN Second to PTSD

Obesity causing Deep Vein Thrombosis

PAD and PVD Caused by AO

PAD, HTN, CKD & Hypothyroid Second to DMII 

Peripheral Vascular Disease Second to Herbicides

Pulmonary Embolism & Heart Disease Second to OSA

Rating, CAD & Unemployability

Renal Disorder Second to NSAIDs

Second to AO or CLJ Exp.


Service Connected IHD contribute to COD


Stroke & HTN Second to Herbicides


Stroke and Afib Second to Hypertension 


Stroke Second to HTN and PTSD



Asthma, Sleep Apnea & Allergies Second to Burn Pit Exposure

COD Cardiac Arrest Due to COVID-19 via OSA and HTN

COD Cardiac Arrhythmia due to Early Onset

Alzheimer's, Aggravated by Herbicide Exp

Diabetes Mellitus 2 Second to OSA  -Burn Pits

GERD, and DM Second to OSA and Crohn's Disease 

Maxillary Sinusitis

Obesity Intermediate to OSA


OSA - Weight Gain & Smoking

OSA Aggravated by COPD and Asthma 

OSA Aggravated by PTSD or OSA Secondary to In Svc Respiratory Issues

OSA Aggravated by PTSD Symptoms

OSA Aggravated by PTSD, OSA Second to Ankle Condition via Obesity

OSA and Allergic Rhinitis Occurring in Service

OSA and Diabetes Second to Muscle Injury in Svc Via Obesity

OSA began in service,  Knee/Back injury contributed via weight gain

OSA Began In Service - Burn Pits

OSA Began in Service Second to "Nonallergic Vasomotor Rhinitis"

OSA Began In Service Second to PTSD

OSA began in Service, Obesity, PTSD, Ortho

OSA Caused by Ankle Injury with Obesity

OSA Caused or Aggravated by "Unspec Trauma/Stressor Disorder"

OSA Caused or Aggravated by Burn Pit Exp or PTSD

OSA Caused or Aggravated by Non SC PTSD, Chem & Env Exposures, Obesity, Hypervigilance

OSA Dev In Svc and Secondary to Tinnitus

OSA Dev In Svc Or Second to Sinusitis Rhinitis

OSA Dev In Svc. Or Second to Burning Oil Wells

OSA Due to Obesity Second to SC Ortho Conditions

OSA Due to Traumatic Deviated Septum

OSA In Svc, OSA Second to  Unspecified Anxiety Disorder

OSA In Svc, Second to Pes Planus, L Shoulder Sprain and HTN

OSA Occurring In Service

OSA Onset in Svc, OSA Second to Exp to Burn Pits, Noxious Fumes, TBI and/or PTSD

OSA Sec to SC Sinusitis and Restrictive Airway Disease

OSA Second to Airborne Irritants (Afghanistan)

OSA Second to Airborne Irritants (IRAQ)

OSA Second to Airborne Particulates

OSA Second to Aircraft Noise - Aircraft Carrier

OSA Second to Ankle Cond VIA OBESITY

OSA Second to Anxiety w/Panic, Asthma

OSA Second to Asthma - Obesity as Intermediatory

OSA Second to Asthma - US Army

OSA Second to Burn Pits

OSA Second to Burn Pits - Airborne Particulates

OSA Second to Burn Pits and HTN

OSA Second to Burn Pits and PTSD

OSA Second to Burn Pits or Rhinitis 

OSA Second to Chronic Sprain R Ankle, Tear Left Pectoral Major and Minor, Via Obesity

OSA Second to Cushing's Syndrome Via Obesity

OSA Second to Depression

OSA Second to Deviated Septum and Sinus

OSA Second to Deviated Septum w/ Bilateral

OSA Second to Diabetes II

OSA Second to DM2 - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome,

Ulnar Neuropathy, LE Neuropathy Second to DM2

OSA Second to Dysthymic Disorder and Chronic Pain Disorder, Via Obesity, 

OSA Second to Fibromyalgia and Unspecified Depressive Disorder

OSA Second to Gerd

OSA Second to Gulf War Particulates

OSA Second to Hiatal Hernia, Reflux

OSA Second to HTN

OSA Second to Hypothyroidism Via Obesity

OSA Second to In Svc Burn Pit and Sewage Exp

OSA Second to In Svc Daytime Somnolence

OSA Second to In Svc Reactive Airway Disease

OSA Second to Intermediate Obesity /Knee 

OSA Second to IRAQ Burn Pits

OSA Second to Jet Fuel - Marines

OSA Second to Knee Cond Via Obesity

OSA Second to Kuwait Sand & Dust Exposures

OSA Second to MOS Exposures, Second to Major Depressive Disorder

OSA Second to Obesity and Smoking

OSA Second to Psychiatric Conditions

OSA Second to PTSD

OSA Second to PTSD and Burn Pit Exp.

OSA Second to PTSD or Burn Pit/Particulate

Exposures Iraq Kuwait Afgh

OSA Second to PTSD or Burn Pits Iraq/Kuwait/Afgh

OSA Second to PTSD via Obesity

OSA Second to PTSD w/Obesity as Intermediary

OSA Second to PTSD 

OSA Second to PTSD, Anxiety, Depression

OSA Second to PTSD, Headaches, Dizziness

OSA Second to PTSD, SW Asia Exp.

OSA Second to PTSD, TDIU - Inability to work 

OSA Second to PTSD; OSA Second to SC

Orthopedic Conditions via Obesity

OSA Second to Rhinitis

OSA Second to Rhinitis and Airborne Particulates

OSA Second to SC Ankle Cond via Obesity

OSA Second to SC Cond and/or Obesity

OSA Second to SC DMII

OSA Second to SC Insomnia & GERD

OSA Second to SC Orthopedic Conditions Via

Obesity; OSA Second to PTSD

OSA Second to SC Rhinitis

OSA Second to Sinusitis

OSA Second to SM Via Weight Gain

OSA Second to Svc or Nasal Septal Fracture

OSA Second to TBI or MDD

OSA Second to Unspec Trauma and Stressor Disorder Via Obesity 

OSA Second  to  Rhinitis & Sinutitis -  SC for Rhinitis

OSA Secondary to Asbestos and Burning Fumes

OSA Secondary to Asthma

OSA Secondary to Burn Pit, Oil Well Fires and Jet Fuel Exposure(MOS)

OSA Secondary To COPD

OSA Secondary to Service or to SC PTSD or Migraines

OSA  and "Sleep Paralysis"  Second to PTSD

OSA  Second to Sinusitis - US Army

OSA  Secondary to Asthma

OSA, CSA and Complex SA Caused or Aggravated by DM2

OSA, Sinusitis, Rhinitis, Burn Pits


Brain Abscess, Seizures, Second to Strongyloidiasis

COD from Covid19 Second to DM2 or CAD 

COPD Second to Strongyloidiasis Hyper infection

DM2 aggravated by SC Thyroid Dysfunction

DMII Second to Hep B

Guillain Barre Syndrome Contracted in Service


Hep B, Gastritis and Esophagitis Second to Military Service 

Hep C and Cirrhosis  in Service - Jet Injector

Histoplasmosis Caused by In Svc Exposures

HIV Second to In Svc Sexual Assault

Leg Amputation Second to Cortisone in Service

SC for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Septicemia, Pneumonia Second to In Service Strongyloidiasis


COD (ulcer) Second to GI Conditions

Crohn's Disease Developed in Service or Caused by Service

Gastro & Gulf War Syndrome

Hepatitis, Liver Failure, Second to Herbicides

Hepatitis, Pancreatitis, Liver Failure, Second  to Pesticides, Chlordane

Link Duodenal Ulcer to Service for the entire period  of 1960 to present.

Liver Sirrhosis - Caused or Agg. by Alcohol Use from SC PTSD, 


Acquired Psychiatric Condition Second to Service

Acquired Psychiatric Condition, PTSD, Sec to Svc

Alcoholism Second to PTSD

Anxiety and Depression in Service, Schizophrenia

Second to Anxiety and Depression

COD - Axis 1 Diagnosis Developing In Service

COD - Suicide Second to Service-Connected PTSD

Depression Second to Hearing Loss and Tinnitus

Depressive Disorder Direct to Service

Depressive Disorder Second to Service - Gulf War

Diagnosis of PTSD or Depression, PTSD or Depression Developed in Service

Diagnosis TBI Due to Head Injury In Service

Increased Rating for PTSD to 50% or 70%

Meeting VA def of Insanity, SC of Schizophrenia

Parasomnia Second to In Svc Stressors

Polysubstance Abuse Second to PTSD

Psychiatric Disability Caused by Service

PTSD and Depression Second to Service

PTSD and Psych Issues Second to In Svc Mental Condition - Vietnam

PTSD Increased Rating to Unemployable

PTSD Rating and Depression Second to Service

PTSD Second to Prostitution

PTSD Second to service - US Army

Rating of PTSD / other specified trauma and Stressor Disorder 

SC for PTSD - under DSM-IV and DSM-V

Schizoaffective Disorder Second to Depression


CKD Second to DM2

DM2 & Peripheral Neuropathy Caused by Service

DM2 Second to Hep C, Urinary Frequency Caused by DM2

DM2, Neuropathy and Hashimotos's Second to Herbicides

ED Second to Hypogonadism

Hormone Deficiency + Residuals Second to Chromophobe Pituitary Macroadenoma

Hypogonadism Second to AO

Hypogonadism Second to AO, ED Second to Hypogonadism

In Service Skin Rash Early Onset Sarcoidosis 

Syncope Second to Hormone Therapy

VA Negligence - Exploratory Parathyroidectomy


Chloracne Second to Toxic Exposure - Pendleton

Hidradenitis Superativa  Second to Exposure - CLCW

In Service Skin Rash Early Onset Sarcoidosis 


(TBI)Seizure Disorder Second to SC Schizophrenia

A&A Due to DM PN

Alzheimer's Disease Second to CLCW and/or Vietnam Herbicides

Ataxia Second to Alcoholism

Autoimmune-Mediated Anti-MAG CIDP

Brain Hemorrhage/HTN Second to Encephalopathy

Carpal Tunnel second to Hypothyroidism

Central Auditory Processing Disorder Second to Jet Fuel Exp.

Cerebral Atrophy Second to Head Traumas and Carcinogen Exposures

Cerebral Atrophy Second to Tremors / Parkinson's

COD - Parkinsons Second to TCE Exposure

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in Service

COPD Second to Red Lead Paint/Primers w/Zinc Chromate

Dementia Secondary or Aggravated by Bilat HL

Dementia Secondary to PTSD, or Secondary to Blast Injuries/Concussions

Dementia w/Lewy Bodies Second to Parkinsonism

Diagnosis of In Svc TBI, Migraines Dev in Svc

Cervical Spine Diagnosis, Caused by Svc, Diagnosis

of R and L Upper Extremity Radiculopathy, Caused by Svc.  Rating and TDIU

Diagnosis of Neuro Disease, Neuro Disease Second to CLJ

Diagnosis of TBI, TBI Second to In Svc Fall, Rating and TDIU

ED and Hemangioblastoma Second to Fighter Jet Accident

Entitlement to Special Aid and Attendance Benefit from TBI Residuals

Epilepsy Second to Gulf War  Exposure

Essential Tremors Direct to Service

Essential Tremors Second to TCE Exposure

Frontotemporal Dementia Secondary TBI

Gulf War Syndrome Second to Service

HL and Tinnitus Second to In Svc Noise Exposure 

HTN Second to SVC; Strokes Second to HTN

IgA Nephropathy Second to Service

Kidney Failure Second to Service

Lightning Strike in Service

Meniere's Disease Caused by In svc Mononucleosis 

Meniere's Disease Second to Tinnitus.

Migraines, Second to Acoustic Trauma

Migraine Diagnosis, Migraine Second to Adjustment Disorder

Migraine Headaches Second to In Svc Accident

MS and Seizure Disorder Second to Service

MS and TPP Second to CLJ and MOS Exposures

MS Direct Connection - UTI's, ED Second

MS Direct Connection to Service

MS from CLCW exp w/ in 7 years of Discharge

MS Present During Service

MS Second to UTIs, Headaches, Rash, ED

Multiple Sclerosis - US Air Force

Multiple Sclerosis Second to Service - Aggravation

Multiple Sclerosis Second to Service - Causal

Muscular Dystrophy Developed in Svc

Neck Injury Substantial Contributing Factor to Quadriplegia

Neck Injury Substantial Factor to Qua

Neurological Disorder Began in Svc

Pain/Numbness Second to In Service Electrocution

Parkinsonism, PD Second to Toxic Exposures

Parkinson's Caused by Engine Fuel Exp - MOS Motor Transport Operator

Parkinson's Disease Second to CLJ, TCE Benzene Exp.

Parkinson's Disease Second to Jet Fuel Exposure

Parkinson's Disease Second to MOS Offset

Pressman Chemical Exposure

Parkinson's Disease Second to Solvent/ TCE

Parkinson's Disease Secondary to Jet Exhaust Inhalation

Parkinsons Second to CLJ (TCE/PCE)

Parkinson's Second to Fuel, PCB's, Solvents, Herbicides

Parkinson's Second to In Svc 20 year Exp to Jet Aircraft Fuel Exhaust- B52 Pilot 

Parkinson's Second to Jet Fuel Exhaust Exp MOS B-52 Navigator Bombardier 

Parkinson's Second to MOS Nuclear Weapons Tech Chem Exp incl. TCE

Parkinson's w/ LBD Second to MOS Exposures

Parkinson's, Renal Cancer, CKD Second to CLCW

PD Second to Exp to Mercury, TCE, Solvents, Asbestos, Lead and Radiation

Rating for Cold Injury Residuals and Raynaud's Syndrome

Rating Increase for  Parkinson's Disease, Aid and Attendance

Rating of Parkinson's Disease, TDIU, Aid and Attendance

Rating of PD Severity and Effective Remaining Function and TDIU

Rating of Residuals of SC Multiple Sclerosis

Rating, Psychomotor Seizures, Axis I Mental Health

Ratings - Severity of MS

Right Side Pain/Numbness Second to Electrocution

Seizure Disorder Second to In Service Accident

Seizure Disorder Second to Meningitis

Seizure Disorder Second to Service Connected TBI

Stroke Second to Burn Pits - Via HTN

TBI with Residuals Second to Service

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction /TBI


Ankylosing Spondylitis - Early Onset in Service

Avascular Necrosis of the Femoral Head in Service

Back & Radiculopathy Second to In SVC Back Strain

Back and Knee Pain Second to Accident

Back Cond and Sciatica Second to MVA

Back Cond., Radiculopathy Second To Service, TDIU

Back Condition Second to In Svc Fall

Back Condition secondary to MVA, Femoral Rod and R Knee Cond.  

Back Cyst & Chronic Pain Second to In Service Cyst

Back Cyst Began in Service,  Aggravation of Back

Back Injury Second to Knee injuries - US Navy

Back Neck and Foot Conditions Caused by Service

Bilateral Knee Disabilities Second to Service

Carpal Tunnel Second to Service

Cervical Spondylosis, Lumbar DDD Sec. to MVA

COD-GERD, Esophageal Strictures Caused by DDD Treatment

Congenital Acquired Spondylosis Sec to Back Injury

DDD Cervical & Lumbar Spine Condition in Service

DDD Cervical Spine, Second to In Service Fall

DDD Condition

DDD Lumbar Spine, Peripheral Neuropathy in SVC

DDD Secondary to In Svc Neck & Back Injury

Degenerative Cervical Spine/Neck Fusion in SVC

Degenerative Disk Disease Sec to SC Lumbar Strain

Diagnosis of Back, Neck and Bilat. Upper Extremity Cond to Service

Expedite - Lumbar Spine and R Hip Conditions

Second to Bilat Knee Conditions

Hip and Spine Disabilities Second to Service

Knee Degeneration Second to Foot Injury

Knee Disabilities, Hip Replacement in Service

Knee Disability Second to SC Lumbar Spine

Left & RT Knee Second to Ankle Degenerative

Left Knee Second to Right Knee Injury - US Marine

Low Back Condition Due to or Aggravated by Right Knee Condition

Lower Back and Bilat Knee Cond Connected to Service

Lower Back Condition Caused by In Svc Incidents

Lumbar Condition Caused by In Svc MVA

Lumbar Intervertebral Disc Displacement and Arthritis and Bilat Shoulder Arthritis Secondary to Service

Lumbar Spine Condition Second to Service

Lumbar Spine Condition Secondary to Service

Lumbar Spine Degeneration Sec to Ankle Fracture

Lumbosacral DJD DDD Second to Service

Lumbosacral Strain, DDD, Radiculopathy In SVC

Neck/Shoulder/Hips - Extent of Disability

R Ankle Rating, Lumbar Radiculopathy and Back Second to Service 

R Shoulder, L Wrist, R Foot Cond. Developing in Svc

Radiculopathy, lower extremities Sec to Back Cond

Right Shoulder Degeneration In SVC Injury 

SC L Hip Osteoarthritis and Degen Arthritis Spine

Shoulder and Bilateral Knee Injuries In Service

Spinal Degenerative Arthritis Second to SVC

Spinal Stenosis Second to In SVC Back Injury

Spine Injury Second to In Svc Accident  - US Army

Spine/Extremities - Extent of disability - Air Force

Spine/Lower Extremities - Extent - US Air Force

TDIU and Rating of Lumbar Radiculopathy

Thoracolumbar Spinal Degenerative in SVC


Chronic Hypertensive Kidney Disease Second to HTN

CKD Second to CLCW, HTN Second to CKD

CKD Second to Herbicide Exposure


CKD, IHD, DM, Second to Camp Lejeune Exposure

Diabetes II Second Hepatic Steatosis

Hepatic Steatosis Second to Camp Lejeune

IgA Neuropathy Caused by Gulf War Service, Illness of Unknown Etiology

Kidney Disease Second to Camp Lejeune

Kidney Disease Second to Prescribed NSAIDs

Polycystic Kidney Disease in Service

Renal Disease Second to DMII

Renal Failure Second to Asbestosis

Retro peritoneal Bleed Second to NSAIDs Plavix


Asthma, Sleep Apnea & Allergies Sec to Burn Pits

Bilat Sensorineural HL Second to Noise Exp Caused by Service

CSA Second to Heat Stroke, Cognitive Impairment

Erectile Disfunction Second to Service

Hearing Loss & Tinnitus Sec to MOS Aviation Electronic Tech

Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Second to Noise Exposure

HL and Tinnitus Second to TCE and Noise Exposure 

Meniere's Disease Present in Service

Meniere's Disease Second to Noise Exposure

Meniere's Disease Second  to Noise Exposure

OSA-In Service, Second to PTSD

Sinusitis Second to Burn Pits


Asthma and COPD Caused or Aggravated by Asbestosis 

Asthma Caused by In Svc Reactive Airway Disease

Asthma Related to Service,  Rating

Asthma Second to Engine Exhaust and Asbestos

Asthma Second to In Svc Smoke & Asbestos

Asthma/COPD Second to Paint Exposure - US Navy

Bronchitis/Astma Second to GERD

CAD and COPD secondary to Asbestos, COD secondary to Asbestos

Cause of Death - COPD

Chronic Cough Symptom of Worsening

Bronchiectasis in Service

Chronic Cough, Rhinitis, GERD, Burn Pit Exposure


COD - Cardiopulmonary Arrest from Asbestos Exp.

COD - Gulf War Exposures, Pulmonary Fibrosis

COD - PD and DM - Herbicides

COD COPD w/ CAD - Second to Asbestos Exp.

COPD and Asthma Second to Asbestos & AO

COPD and Asthma Second to Herbicides

COPD Caused by Airborne Irritants - Machine Operator

COPD Second to Agent Orange, PTSD

COPD Second to Asbestos & Pleural Plaques

COPD Second to Asbestos Exposure

COPD Second to Asbestos, TCE

COPD Second to Herbicides

COPD Second to Red Lead Paint with Zinc Chromate

COPD Secondary to Asbestos

COPD, CAD, CHF Second to Asbestos Exposure

COPD, Emphysema - Asbestos Navy Electrician

COPD/Respiratory Second to Asbestos Exposure

Emphysema/Heart Conditions Second to Asbestos

Histoplasmosis Lung Disease Sec to 

Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Second to Asbestos

Interstitial Lung Disease Second to Asbestos

Lung Disability Second to In Service Lung Condition

Lung Disability/CAD - Histoplasmosis Pneumonia

Pulmonary Disease Second to In Svc Env Exposures

Pulmonary fibrosis second to AO

Pulmonary Fibrosis Second to Gulf War Env Exp.

Pulmonary Fibrosis Second to In Service Exposure

Pulmonary Sarcoidosis Secondary to Herbicide and other Toxic Exposures 

Recurrent Bronchitis, Pneumonia and Asthma

Caused by In Svc Tear Gas Training

Respiratory Failure Second to Asbestos

SC for OSA and Sarcoidosis of Both Lungs

SC of Pulmonary Fibrosis


Polyceptic Ovary Syndrome causing Pain Second to SC Ovarian Cyst Cond

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Caused by Hysterectomy

TDIU via SC Endometriosis & Urinary Incontinence

Undiagnosed In Svc Fibroids Secondary to Abd Pain and Prolonged Bleeding 


Cause of Death - Gulf War Burn Pits

Cause of Death - Gulf War Syndrome

DMII Second to Hyperthyroidism

Esophageal Achalasia Second to Gulf War 

Graves' Disease Second to Radioactive Iodine



Fibromyalgia Aggravated by PTSD from in Svc Sexual Assault

Colitis Caused or Aggravated by PTSD

Fibromyalgia  - Originating in Service

Gulf War Syndrome Second to Gulf War Exposures

Lupus and RA Onset in Service

Lupus Secondary to Asbestos Exp Via MOS

Electrical Mech Equip Repairman

Lupus, DM2 and Barrett's Esophagus Second to CLJ

Monoclonal Gammopathy Second to Herbicides, TCE, PCE

Multi Unexplained Illness  - Gulf War Syndrome

RA Diverticulitis Second to Gulf War

Rheumatological Condition Dev In Svc

Sarcoidosis Second to Asbestos - US Navy

Scleroderma Second to Camp Lejeune Exposure


Allergic Rhinitis Aggravated In Service - Air Force

Bilateral Hearing Loss Second to Rifleman MOS

Hearing Loss & Tinnitus Second to Service

Tinnitus and Vertigo Second to In Service TBI

Tinnitus Second Military to Noise Exposure

HL Tinnitus Second to In Svc Noise Exp

HL and Tinnitus Second to Acoustic Trauma

HL and Tinnitus Second to Delayed Onset Hearing Exposure


Prostate Cancer and Basal Cell Carcinoma Second to Asbestos and PFOS/PFAS

Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia Second to Benzene MOS Exp 

Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) Second to AO

Acute Myeloid Leukemia Second to Benzene, Diesel, Asbestos

Acute Myeloid Leukemia Second to Herbicide Exp at Thai Base U-Tapao

Acute Myeloid Leukemia Second to Herbicides

Adenocarcinoma of Rectum Second to Herbicides

Adenocarcinoma Second to Herbicides

Adenocarcinoma Second to Herbicides AO

Ampullary Adenocarcinoma Second to CLJ

Amyloidosis Second to Camp Lejeune

Anaplastic Mixed Glioma Second to Herbicides

Atypical Carcinoid Tumor - Burning Oil Fields

Basal and SCC, and Gastric Cancer, Second to AO

Basal Cell Carcinoma and Actinic Keratosis Second to AO USS Juneau

Basal Cell Carcinoma and Squamous Cell

Carcinoma Second to AO or Sun Exp

B-Cell & T-Cell Lymphoma Second to JP-4 Fuel, TCE, Solvent Exp.

B-Cell Leukemia & Kidney Cancer Second to Diesel and Exhaust

Bilateral Testicular Seminoma Second to Hill AFB Exp to Solvents

Biliary Tract Carcinoma Second to Liver Mets/AO

Bladder & Colon Cancer Second to Agent Orange

Bladder & Lymph Node Cancer Second to CLJ

Bladder & Prostate Cancer Second to PFOS and PFOA Fire Fighting Foam

Bladder and Pancreatic Cancer Second to Toxic

Exposures, DM Second to Pancreatic Cancer

Bladder Cancer - Agent Orange

Bladder Cancer Caused or Aggravated by

Prostatitis with Pyuria and Epididymmitis 

Bladder Cancer Due to Hydrazine and Other Fuel Exposure

Bladder Cancer Second to Agent Orange - US Army

Bladder Cancer Second to AO, Diesel Fuel Exp.

Bladder Cancer Second to Asbestos Exp.

Bladder Cancer Second to Diesel and Aromatic 

Bladder Cancer Second to Flight Line exp to smoke and jet fuel

Bladder Cancer Second to MOS Exp and MCAS Cherry Point

Bladder Carcinoma - Svc, and Incontinence Second to Prostate Cancer 

Bladder, Colon & Kidney Cancer Second to Toxins - McClellan AFB

Bladder/Kidney Cancer Second to AO

Brain Cancer - Second to Burn Pits

Brain Cancer Second to Gulf War Toxic and Radiation Exp.

Brain Cancer Second to Herbicides

Brain Cancer Second to Ionized Radiation

Brain Cancer Second to Jet Fuel Exposure

Brain Cancer Second to Radiation Exposure

Brain Cancer  Second to AO

Brain Neoplasm COD Caused by Herbicides

Breast and Prostate Cancer Second to CLCW

Breast Cancer - USS Simon Engine Room MOS exp to TCE 

Breast Cancer Present / Develped in Svc

Breast Cancer Second to Agent Orange - U.S. Army

Breast Cancer Second to Burn Pits, Jet Fuel, Radiation Exp.

Breast Cancer Second to CLCW

Breast Cancer, Mestastatic Bone Cancer, Residuals, Caused by CLJ (TCE)

Buccal Head and Neck Cancer, Herbicides

Carcinoma, Base of Tongue Second to Herbicides

Cervical Cancer and NHL Second to MOS Missile Crewman TCE Exp

Cholangiocarcinoma Due to CLCW

Cholangiocarcinoma Second to Herbicides

Cholangiocarcinoma Second to Herbicides or Liver Flukes

Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia Second to Benzene

Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia Second to Dioxin

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Due

to Exposure to Burn Pits

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, Asbestos Exposure 

Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia - AO

Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia - Burn Pits 

Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia Second Cleaning Solvents - MOS

Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia Second to Asbestos

Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukemia,  Agent Orange

CKD & Kidney Cancer Second to Jet Fuel, Asbestos

CKD and Erectile Dysfunction Second to Herbicides

CLL Direct to Service

CLL Due to Benzene Exposure

CLL Second to 9/11 Toxic Exposure 

CLL Second to Agent Orange Exposure (Benzene)

CLL Second to Lead, Asbestos or Benzene Exp

CML Due to Herbicide Exposure

CML Second to Benzene, Fuel & Oil Exposure

CML Second to Radiation and 28 Day CLJ Exp

COD - Asbestos Exposure - Navy

COD - Colon Cancer Second to In Svc Radiation Exp

COD - Colon  Cancer Second to SC Bladder,Prostate Cancer

COD - Gastric Cancer Second to Herbicides

COD - Hepatic Carcinoma & Hepatic Failure Second to Herbicide Exposure

COD - Hepatocellular Carcinoma 

COD - Lung Cancer - CLJ exposure 

COD - Metastatic Gastroesophageal Cancer Second to Toxic Exposure

COD - Myeloproliferative Disease Second to AO

COD - Myeloproliferative Disorder / Polycythemia Vera 

COD - Prostate Cancer and Renal Cell Carcinoma Second to In Svc Exp.

COD - SCC Tonsil-Lymph Nodes, Adenocarcinoma Second to AO, Toxic Exp.

COD Adrenal Cancer Due to Herbicide Exposure

COD and Gastric Cancer Second to AO

COD and Kidney Cancer Caused by Ionizing Radiation, Asbestos and Herbicides

COD and Rectal Cancer Second to Herbicides.

COD -Colon Cancer Second to Asbestos

COD Esophageal Cancer - Herbicides from Thailand

COD Esophageal Cancer - Vietnam Herbicides

COD Gastroesophageal Metastatic

Adenocarcinoma Due to Herbicides

COD Kidney Cancer 

COD Liver Cancer Second to Ft McClellan PCBs

COD Lung Cancer Due to CLCW; DMII,

Hypothyroidism, HTN Due to CLCW

COD Lymphoma Due to Burn Pits

COD MDS AML Second to AO

COD Merkel Cell Carcinoma Due to Retained Lead

COD Pancreatic Cancer Second to AO and/or DM2

COD Pancreatic Cancer Second to Diabetes Mellitus 2

COD Second to AO and/or DM2

COD Ventricular Tachycardia Second to CKD

COD  from Pancreatic Cancer Caused by Hep C

COD  Pancreatic Cancer Second to Burn Pits

COD, Gastric Cancer related to In Svc Gastritis 

COD, Small Lung Cell Carcinoma - Bronchitis and Pneomonia contrib to COPD

COD,  Cancer Aggravated by CAD

COD,  Gastric Cancer Second to Dioxin Exposure

COD,  Multiple Myeloma Second to Toxic Exposure

Colon & Liver Cancer Second to MOS and CLJ Exp


Colon and Small Bowel Cancers Due to AO

Colon Cancer - Herbicides

Colon Cancer -  Burn Pits

Colon Cancer Due to Agent Orange; Hemorrhoids Second to Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer Second to Agent Orange;

Colon Cancer Second to AO

Colon Cancer Second to Asbestos and Herbicides

Colon Cancer Second to Jet Fuel, Jet Oils, Exhaust Fumes & Hydraulic Fluids

Colon Cancer Second to Kidney Disease

Colon Cancer Second to Toxic Exposure MOS USAF

Colon Cancer Second to Toxic Exposure, CLJ

Colon Cancer  - Burn Pits - Iraq - Kuwait

Colorectal Cancer Second to In Service Exposures

Esophageal Adenocarcinoma Second to Asbestos

Esophageal Cancer Second to CLCW

Esophageal Cancer Second to Herbicides - COD

Fatal Colon Neoplasm Second to Asbestos or Conceded Herbicide Exp 

Gallbladder Carcinoma Second to Agent Orange

Gammopathy Second to Agent Orange 

Gastric Cancer Second to AO or MOS Auto Mechanic

Gastric Cancer Second to Herbicides

Gastric Carcinoma Second to Herbicides

Gastro Esophageal Cancer - Herbicides - MOS

Tactical Aircraft Maint Tech

Gastroesophageal Junction Adenocarcinoma Second to Burn Pits

Glioblastoma Multiform Second to Herbicides

Glioblastoma Multiforme Second to CLJ

Glioblastoma Second Particulate Matter & Heavy Metal - MOS Welder

Glioblastoma Second to Camp Lejeune

Glioblastoma Second to Herbicide Exposure

Glioblastoma Second to SE Asia Service 

Glioblastoma Secondary to Herbicide Exp

Hepatocellular Carcinoma Due to Exposures

Hepatocellular Carcinoma Second to AO

Herbicides - Guam, Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Hodgkin's Lymphoma Second to In Svc Chem Radiation Exp

Hodgkin's Lymphoma Second to Svc, Ft. McClellan

HTN & DM2, Prostate Cancer Second to Ft. McClellan Herbicide

HTN Second to Herbicides, RCC of Kidney Second to Herbicides

Hydrocarbon Exp. MOS Boiler Technician

Immune Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura Second to Herbicides

Kidney Cancer & Kindney Failure Second to Solvent Exposure

Kidney Cancer Connected to Service

Kidney Cancer Due to Jet Fuel Exposure

Kidney Cancer Due to TCE Exposure

Kidney Cancer Second to CLJ

Kidney Cancer Second to Dioxin Oncology

Kidney Cancer Second to Exposure 

Kidney Cancer Second to Herbicides

Kidney Cancer Second to Herbicides & HTN

Kidney Cancer Secondary to Herbicides Exp

Kidney, Colon/Rectal and Lung Cancer Second to Asbestos and Herbicides

Large B-Cell Carcinoma Second to AO and TCE 

Larynx Cancer Caused by Asbestos Exp and Smoke Inhalation 

Leukemia Second to Exposure at CLCW

Leukemia Second to In-Service Radiation Exposure

Leukemia, 9/11 Pentagon Crash Site

Liver Cancer Second to CLCW

Lung Adenocarcinoma Second to Asbestos and Chem Exp Fit Dix

Lung Cancer - Burn Pits;   Interstitial Lung Disease Second to Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer - CLCW

Lung Cancer and Colon Cancer Second to CLCW

Lung Cancer AO Residue Exp on USS

Independence, COD

Lung Cancer Caused by Chem Inhalation or CLCW

Lung Cancer Second to Asbestos - Auto Mechanic

Lung Cancer Second to Burn Pits Toxic Exp. SE Asia

Lung Cancer Second to CLCW and Guld War Exposures

Lung Cancer Second to CLJ

Lung Cancer Second to Deisel Fuel Exposure

Lung Cancer Second to Gulf War Burn Pits

Lung Cancer Second to Ionizing Radiation 

Lung Cancer Second to MOS Exp of Fuel, Diesel, Noxious Fumes

Lung Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Asbestos 

Lymph Node Cancer Second to In-SVC Lymphosarcoma

Lymphedema Second to Testicular Cancer

Macroglobulinemia Second to MOS Toxins 

Malignant Melanoma Direct to Service

Malignant Neoplasm of Bronchus/Lung - CLJ

Malignant Neoplasm of Liver - Herbicides

Malignant Neoplasm of Lung and COD -  Vint Hill Farm Station

Malignant Neoplasm of Small Intestine Second to CLJ

Mantle Cell Lymphoma Second to TCE, Benzene

Maxillary Sinus Carcinoma Second to Herbicides

MDS Second to AO, or Prostate Cancer Treatment

MDS Second to Asbestos Exp.

MDS Second to Gulf War Exposure

MDS Second to Herbicides, and Melanoma Second to Herbicides and UV Exp

MDS Second to Radiation Exposure

Melanoma Second to UV Exp

Meningioma and Follicular Lymphoma Second to Kuwait Toxic Exp.

Meningioma Second to Burn Pit Exp.

Merkel Cell Carcinoma Second to AO/Herbicides

Metastatic Breast Cancer - Burn Pits

Metastatic Cancer of Right Lower Limb incl Hip, Second to CLJ, AO or Paget's Disease

Metastatic Choroidal Melanoma L Eye Second to Uranium and other Toxins at K-2 AFG Uzbekistan

Metastatic Duedenal Carcinoma Due to CLCW

Metastatic Gastric Cancer Aggravated by DMII

Metastatic Kidney Cancer Second to Herbicides, Asbestos

Metastatic Melanoma (scalp) Second to In Service Sun and Herbicide Exposures

Metastatic Melanoma Caused by Herbicides or Benzene -Jet Fuels

Metastatic Renal Cancer Second to Radiation Exposure

MM - Exp at Chanute AFB - TCE, Benzene, PCBs

MM - Radiation Exp at Treasure Isl CA or USS Dwight Eisenhower

Multiple Myeloma Aggravated by Toxic Exposures

Multiple Myeloma and Kidney Failure Caused by CLJ  Exp

Multiple Myeloma Due to Toxic Exposure in the Navy

Multiple Myeloma Second to Burn Pit or DEET Exposures

Multiple Myeloma Second to Chlorinated Solvent

Multiple Myeloma Second to Diesel Fuel

Multiple Myeloma Second to Exp to Radiation, Petroleum, Paints and Adhesives

Multiple Myeloma Second to MOS Exposures to Solvents, Paints, Primers

Multiple Myeloma Second to Toxic Exposure

Multiple Myeloma Secondary to Gulf War Exp. (Oil Fires) and Conceded Asbestos Exp., MGUS


Developing in Svc and Progressing to Multiple Myeloma

Multiple Myeloma Secondary to Particulate, Chemical and Burn Pit Exposure

Mycosis Fungoides Cutaneous T and T Cell

Lymphoma Second to AO

Myelodys Plastic Syndrome (Pre-Lukemia - MDS) Due to Herbicide Exposure

Myelodysplastic Syn Sec to Methyl Ethyl Ketone

Myelodysplastic Syn Second to Aliphatic Naphtha

Myelofibrosis - AO

Myelofibrosis Second to Chem Exp.

Myeloma Second to Toxic Exp., Residuals of Cancer

Myelomonocystic Leukemia Second to TCE/Benzene

Myxoid Liposarcoma Second to Burn Pits

Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Sec to Herbicides

Neuroendocrine Tumor Second to DM2

NHL as Contrib COD, Second to Solvent Exp 

NHL Second to Burning Oil Fumes and Oil Well Fire Particulate Matter

NHL Second to In Svc Exp to OTTO II Fuel and/or Radiation

Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Second to Diesel and JP8 Fuel Exp

Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Secondary to Various Exposures

Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma - Herbicides, Guam

Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Due to Exposures in Kuwait

Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Second to Benzene Exposures, Navy

Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Second to Burn Pits

Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Second to CLJ

Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Secondary to Benzene Exposures, Navy

Non-Hodgkins Lymphome Second to TCE  - MOS

Non-Small Lung Cancer Second to Asbestos 

Oral Cancer and Metastases Due to CLCW

Oropharyngeal Cancer/Squamous Cell 

Pancreatic and Prostate Cancer Second to CLJ

Pancreatic Cancer - Herbicides

Pancreatic Cancer - Herbicides and DM2

Pancreatic Cancer Second to AO, Fuels, Hydrocarbon Exp

Pancreatic Cancer Second to CLCW

Pancreatic Cancer Second to DM, Agent Orange 

Pancreatic Cancer Second to DM2 and Herbicides

Pancreatic/Liver Cancer  - MOS USAF - Munitions

Pancretic Cancer - CLCW

Pancytopenia and NHL Second to Chem Exp. Via MOS

Pershing Missle Crewman

Pharyngeal Cancer Caused by Service

Pharynx Squamous Cell Carcinoma - Herbicides

Polycythemia Vera and Blood Cancer Second to TCE/Benzene

Polycythemia Vera Second to CLCW

Polycythemia Vera Second to Eielson Air Force Base Chem Exp

Polycythemia Vera Second to Herbicides

Polycythemia Vera Second to Jet Fuel Exposure

Polycythemia Vera  - MOS Exposures

Prostate & Bladder Cancer - Herbicides, Eglin AFB

Prostate Cancer - Asbestos Exp

Prostate Cancer - CLCW

Prostate Cancer - JP4 fuel - jet engine mechanic

Prostate Cancer & CKD Second  to CLCW

Prostate Cancer & HTN Due to CLCW

Prostate Cancer and DM2 second to Asbestos

Prostate Cancer and residuals Second to Asbestos


Prostate Cancer Caused by Radiation Exposure

Prostate Cancer Second TCE, Benzene, Heavy Metals at Superfund Sites

Prostate Cancer Second to Aircraft Heli-Mechanic

Prostate Cancer Second to Asbestos & Radiation

Prostate Cancer Second to Asbestos Exposure

Prostate Cancer Second to Beam Radiation

Prostate Cancer Second to Burn Pits

Prostate Cancer Second to Camp Pendleton Exposures

Prostate Cancer Second to CLCW

Prostate Cancer Second to In Svc Exp via MOS Tactical Aircraft Maint. Tech

Prostate Cancer Second to JP4 and JP5 Fuel, Cleaning Fluids, and Solvent Exp

Prostate Cancer Second to MOS - Aircraft Carrier

Prostate Cancer Second to PFAS - MOS

Prostate Cancer Second to Toxic Exposure MOS USAF

Prostate Cancer Second to Triacyl Phosphate Exp.

Prostate Cancer Second to  Camp Lejeune

Prostate Cancer  - Herbicide Exposure - Eglin

Prostate Cancer  - Iraq Burn Pits

Prostate Cancer/CLL Second to Jet Fuel Exposures

Recal Cancer COD Second to Herbicides

Rectal Cancer Second to Asbestos or Gulf War Environmental Hazards

Renal Cancer & HTN Second to Herbicides - Korean DMZ

Renal Cancer Secondary to AO

Renal Cancer, CKD and Parkinson's Second to CLJ

Renal Cell Carcinoma - AO; Causing Pulmonary Embolism

Renal Cell Carcinoma and CKD Second to In Svc Exp.

Renal Cell Carcinoma Second Herbicides

Renal Cell Carcinoma Second to Agent Orange

Renal cell carcinoma Second to Diesel Fuel

Renal Cell Carcinoma Second to SC HTN

Renal Cell Carcinoma Second to Thailand Herbicides

Renal Cell Carcinoma, HTN, Second to Aviation Fuel

Respiratory Cancer - Caused or Contributed to Death

SC for Leukemia

SC of Tonsils Secondary to Herbicides

SCC Lung Second to Non-Conceded Thai AO Exp

and Exp to Solvents, Chem via Aircraft Maint.Tech MOS

SCC of Tonsils Second to Herbicides

SCC Tongue w Lymph Node involvement Second to AO

SCC  - Herbicides - Residuals PN, Loss of Taste, Smell from Chemo

Sisonasal Undifferentiated Carcinoma Sec to AO

Skin Cancer Second to Herbicides

Small Cell Lung Cancer Second to Asbestos

Small Cell Lung Cancer Second to Perchloroethylene, and Asbestos Exposure

Soft Tissue Sarcoma Second to Service

Soft Tissue Sarcoma/Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor Due to Exposure

Solitary Amyloidosis Second to AO

Squamous Cell Carcinoma or Nasopharynx Carcinoma Due to Service

Squamous Cell Carcinoma Second to Asbestos

Squamous Cell Carcinoma Second to Herbicides

Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Basal Cell Carcinoma & Melanoma Second to Herbicides

Stomach Cancer  Sec to Jet Fuel/Contaminated Soil

Stroke Second to Treatment of Lymphoma

Sudden Death Caused by Leukemia, Caused by CLCW or MOS Benzene Exp

T-Cell Leukemia Second to Thailand AO Exp

T-cell lymphoma Second to Benzene Exposure

T-cell lymphoma, Mycosis Fungoides - CLCW

Temporal Lobe Astrocytoma - CLJ

Testicular Cancer Due to Burn Pits

Testicular Cancer Occurred In Service;

Testicular Neoplasm Due to Service

Throat Squamous Cell Carcinoma Second to Jet Fuel and Asbestos Exp via MOS 

Throat, Neck and Tongue Cancer Second to Herbicides

Thrombocythemia  Thrombocytosis or Polycythemia Vera Second to Herbicides

Thymoma Second to Herbicides

Thyroid Cancer - AO

Thyroid Cancer - In Svc Radiation Exp

Tonsil Cancer Second to Agent Orange


Tonsil Cancer Second to Asbestos, Radiation

Wegerner's Granulomatosis Caused by Service

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