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Knowing where you stand before you start paying fees is a critical part of the MedConnectVA mission. One way we achieve this goal is by Pre-Screening all of your cases with our Medical Experts for FREE. Other firms might "recommend" a Medical Expert and call that pre-screening. But that offer leaves you holding considerable financial risk before the medical facts of your case have even been considered.  


MedConnectVA is more invested than that. We don't just recommend, we ENGAGE. Every time you submit a case for pre-screening, we act as your advocate and as an extension of your team. Our strategic resources are deployed as soon as we receive your pre-screening request. Our in-house physician reviews your case and performs research even before we send it to a Medical Expert for review. Our VA Accredited Attorney assists the expert with the unique VA rules specific to your claim, and our case managers coordinate all of the resources and track your pre-screening. There's no doubt that our network of distinguished Medical Experts is the pinnacle of our business. But add to that our in-house team of strategic resources and we've raised the bar for Veteran Nexus Opinions. And that's just pre-screening!


Just fill out a Pre-Screening Request Form, and our team goes to work. Seamlessly, and within just a few days, you'll have case specific remarks from a specialized Medical Expert along with their CV. Then, after pre-screening you can decide if you would like to move forward with a Nexus Opinion, when you know where your case stands.

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Medical Experts drive winning decisions in Veteran Disability Claims. It's not a slogan, it's a fact. Our network of highly specialized Medical Experts are distinguished in their discipline. They untangle even the most complex service connections while overcoming obstacles in VA denial decisions. To do that, you need the real deal.  And that’s what we deliver.

Our work exceeds the concept of a Nexus Letter. Every Nexus Opinion we deliver is concise, it includes a thorough scientific rationale, and the conclusions are fully supported with numerous research citations. And, our experts understand the difference between as likely as not and medical certainty. It's pivotal.  


We begin all cases by pre-screening them for FREE, lowering your financial risk. After pre-screening, when you know where your case stands, you can decide if you would like to move forward with a full C-File review and written Nexus Opinion. And when you do, we offer a low fixed rate fee regardless of medical specialty and, you pay only 50% of the fee to to start. The second 50% of the fee is billed only when a draft nexus opinion has been completed and delivered to you for review and comment. If for some reason, a nexus can't be formed and an opinion is not written, you will never be billed the second half of the fee. We deliver all Nexus Opinions within 30 days or less.


Highly specialized Medical Experts and FREE case pre-screenings are not the only resources we apply to your case and on your behalf. Our investment in mutual success includes our in-house physician who manages all medical aspects of your claim while supporting the expert, a full-time VA Accredited Attorney who reviews all draft opinions for required language and strength of argument and, acting as an extension of your team, we employ skilled Case Managers who coordinate collaboration between all of these resources to make sure your Nexus Opinion arrives on time and on point.  We invest in these strategic resources and apply them to all of your cases as an investment in our mutual success. 

At MedConnectVA, it’s not just about delivering Nexus Letters or opinions. It's about delivering Nexus Opinions that WIN.


What is your time worth?  When you’re presented with a new case, do you know what medical facts to look for and how to find them?  Would your business benefit from the ability to assess representation opportunities faster, and with definitive medical answers regarding the service connection? At a $500 price point, and with credit cards accepted, can some of your clients participate in the cost of vetting their own medical records?  If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then the Risk Assessment Service will be a valuable asset to your business.  When viewed independently, the Risk Assessment Service provides great value whether a Nexus Opinion is in plan, or not.

The Risk Assessment Service allows Attorneys and Agents the ability to completely outsource medical fact-finding from as early as intake, to obtain conclusive medical answers regarding potential service connections. A Risk Assessment includes a thorough, full medical record review by our in-house physician, and it provides definitive answers regarding service connection. Simply stated, from as early in the process as intake, the Risk Assessment Service can identify representation opportunities that WIN. And we do this for just $500.

And there’s more. If a Risk Assessment determines that the connection can be supported, we will apply the full cost of the Risk Assessment ($500) toward our premium service, a Medical Expert Review & Written Nexus Opinion.  This way, you won't spend a penny more than you would have, and you also know the connection determination before you invest in a Medical Expert Opinion. 

There's no obligation to move forward with a Nexus Opinion after a Risk Assessment is performed. But, armed with low cost, definitive medical answers, and a full cost credit toward a Medical Expert Review & Nexus Opinion, the Risk Assessment is positioned as a powerful tool to improve both throughput, and success.  At this price point, It’s a game changer. Representation opportunities have never been more clear cut.

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