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Because We Invest in Your Success. 
And that’s why we’re the Leader for Nexus Opinions in Veteran Disability Claims.

Here’s how we do it.

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MedConnectVA provides you access to a network of highly credentialed Medical Experts that are board certified, licensed, practicing physicians, who are also cross trained in Veteran Disability Claims. We work with Experts in more than 50 medical specialties.

We seek out and train only highly specialized and distinguished physicians. We pay close attention to credentials because you need Medical Experts that can untangle even the most complex service connections, while at the same time, overcome obstacles in VA denial decisions. To do that, you need the real deal.  And that’s what we deliver.


Every Nexus Opinion authored by our Medical Experts is concise. It includes a thorough scientific rationale and the conclusions are fully supported with numerous research citations.  Let there be no doubt.  Our investment in distinguished, specialized Medical Experts pays dividends to our clients. We're not here to just deliver opinions; we lead because we deliver Nexus Opinions that WIN

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Knowing where you stand before you start paying fees is a critical part of the MedConnectVA mission. One way we achieve this goal is by Pre-Screening all of your cases with our Medical Experts for FREE. Other firms might "recommend" a Medical Expert, but that offer leaves you holding all of the financial risk before the medical facts of your case have even been considered.


MedConnectVA is more invested than that. We don't just recommend, we ENGAGE a highly specialized  Medical Expert on your behalf, and our team supports the expert while they assess the critical facts and risk factors of your case. Bottom line, you'll know where your case stands before you pay a fee.


Just fill out our Pre-Screening Request Form, and within a few days you'll have case specific remarks from a Medical Expert along with their CV. Then, after Pre-Screening, you can decide if you would like to move forward, when you know where your case stands.


This is where your relationship with MedConnectVA begins. We invest in our mutual success through no-charge pre-screening with an achievable goal of lowering your financial risk and improving the odds of your success. 


From pre-screening through the delivery of a Nexus Opinion, our In-House Physician oversees all medical aspects of your case and he assists the Medical Expert on your behalf whenever necessary.  And our physician isn’t just any physician.  We’ve sought out and invested in just the right person, someone with a significant amount of experience reviewing medical claims for the VA.  

Every case you submit for pre-screening is first reviewed by our In-House Physician.  He performs a full research analysis and based on his VA experience, he documents how research and VA principals apply to the case connection. This information is then sent to the Medical Expert along with the pre-screening file. This upfront effort performed by our In-House Physicians focuses the Medical Expert on how the connection CAN be supported through research and a viable medical theory.  This stimulates pre-screening in a very positive way and it’s a game changer.


Our investment in a dedicated In-House Physician ensures that the expertise of our Medical Experts is supported and further reinforced with theories and connections that WIN Veteran cases.

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It’s no secret that the VA employs myriad rules and criteria which must be met to prevail in a Veteran Disability Claim. Producing Nexus Opinions that WIN require concise medical conclusions, but they must also account for the unique requirements and stipulations imposed on Veteran cases.  It’s simply not enough to deliver a sound medical opinion if the client must labor over edits to refine the report - adding VA required language or legal strength of argument.


MedConnectVA invests in our mutual success by employing a full-time, VA Accredited Attorney who reviews every opinion and works with our Medical Experts to refine the language of conclusions. This strategic workflow significantly reduces time for our clients, and it produces medically sound and legally articulate Nexus Opinions that WIN.


Acting as an extension of your team and as your advocate throughout the entire review process, our skilled Case Managers make sure that your case stays on track and on point.  We deliver Nexus Opinions in 30 days or less, and our Case Managers make sure that within that window, collaboration occurs between all of our strategic resources; the Medical Expert, our In-house Physician as well as our legal resources. Then, and only then, will they deliver a draft opinion to you for review and comment.  We invest in skilled Case Managers who manage delivery time, quality, and collaboration to make sure that your Nexus Opinion is delivered on time and that it’s positioned to WIN.

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At MedConnectVA, Best Practices Policy supersedes all else.


At the heart of this commitment is our investment in your success. First and foremost, our network of Medical Experts are highly specialized and distinguished in their discipline. Our investment in highly credentialed experts pays dividends to our clients when connecting complex cases.


We also pre-screen your cases for FREE. This service reflects best practices because we want you to know where your case stands, before you pay any fees. It's relevant to note that one out of every two cases we pre-screen can not be connected and therefore, 50% of all pre-screenings are not an opportunity for our company. But this investment lowers your risk and reflects our integrity, and that's what best practices requires. 


In addition, we employ a VA experienced in-house physician to assess and manage your case with the medical expert. This investment has been a game changer as he works on your behalf from the minute your pre-screening arrives. And then there's our legal expertise. This investment merges medical expertise with specific VA legal requirements ensuring that your Nexus Opinion is thorough, concise, and positioned to win.


We don't have to employ these resources to deliver Nexus Opinions but we do because they are in investment in your success. Our Best Practices Policy is our company mission and it's simple. When you succeed, we succeed;  With integrity, deliver Nexus Opinions that win. 

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