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In order to provide you with an accurate assessment of your VA Claim, it is essential that our Medical Experts review your complete medical file. We know it can be challenging to obtain these records but Medical Experts can't help you without them. And, it's very important to know what the VA will be reviewing so that your claim is fully informed, and any potential obstacle to your success has been evaluated.


There are several ways that you can obtain a copy of your medical records:

  • Access the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) online records

  • Access any private medical provider's patient portal, if available

  • Mail a written request to the VA to obtain your medical records

  • Work with an VA Accredited Attorney, Agent or VSO who can access all of your medical records easily in just a matter of minutes


Medical Expert with Arms Crossed


At MedConnectVA, we are committed to helping Veterans win their VA Disability Claims. We do this by offering a FREE Medical Pre-Screening of your case, and if the connection can be supported, by providing concise  Nexus Opinions authored by highly credentialed Medical Experts.


It's important to note however, that medical evidence is only one piece of a successful VA Disability Claim. Navigating through the VA's claim process can be confusing, it often requires a professional understanding of the law, and it's a true disadvantage if no one else is fighting on your behalf.


At MedConnectVA, we're experts in medical connections not VA law. That said, our success has given us the opportunity to work alongside the most successful and talented Attorneys and Agents in the industry. These professionals are truly passionate about helping Veterans!


We have found that Veterans who work with a VA Accredited Attorney or Agent have a better chance of winning, they can achieve greater awards, and they do so more quickly than Veterans who try to navigate this process alone.  Some even assist with the cost of a Nexus Opinion. It's worth looking into.


If you are interested in receiving a free VA case evaluation from a VA-Accredited Attorney within our trusted network, click on the button below.

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